We are kennek

Connected infrastructure for lenders and credit investors

We help lenders, investors and other alternative lending actors scale operations, enhance risk management and identify new funding sources

Kennek is a vertically integrated lending solution

Kennek enables every lender and loan investor to operate smartly and cost-efficiently - built by credit experts, and offered as a SaaS.

Building the technology
& back-office for loans is complex

Using excel, emails and web portals only takes your operations so far. It does not achieve scalability or reliability.

Selecting and integrating niche tech & data solutions for loans requires a holistic tech vision, an expensive engineering team, time and maintenance.

Connected lending infrastructure:

Kennek bundles together best in class vendors within one system, designed by credit experts, and offered as a monthly subscription.

We continuously monitor the market, listen to our clients and add vendors to our platform so that you don’t have to build & manage integrations yourself.

Scalable, Reliable
and Cost-Efficient:

Our multi-vendor solution creates significant cost-savings for lenders.

We build the full tech stack, saving you money and time. We offer a modular plug-and-play platform at a competitive monthly subscription fee.

Bank grade quality
& security:

The foundations of the kennek platform are built on Mambu, world leaders in banking and payment technology.

All kennek users benefit from the highest quality infrastructure and data security by design.

Kennek’s SaaS solutions drive our private marketplace for funding of loans & loan portfolios

We work closely with lending platforms, institutional investors, debt advisors, loan administrators and other relevant parties to facilitate transactions.

Clear and measurable benefits of adopting kennek

  • Scalability

    Our cloud-native platform scales with your business, limitless

  • Cost reduction

    We build, maintain and automate your workflows and operations at scale

  • Commercial flexibility

    Launch new credit products through simple no-code configuration

  • Better funding access

    Bank-grade systems trusted by institutional investors

We solve a complex problem and we have the experience & know-how to do it

Kennek is built by lending, credit and technology experts. We have spent careers in capital markets, have founded lenders and banks and have built tech for lenders and investors. We speak the language of our clients and understand their exact needs.

Thibault Lancksweert
Founder & Co-CEO

The asset-side visionary

Xavier De Pauw
Founder & Co-CEO

The financial markets ninja

Edmund Parsons
Founder & CPO

The product & operations warrior

Siobhan Rowley
Head of Risk

The loan management guru

Crispin Proctor

The tech rockstar


We partner with the very best in delivery, data, payments, credit scoring and lending.

We integrate the very best in class vendors with our proprietary technology

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